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What Healing Looks Like

What Healing Looks LikeThe first thing to know is that there is hope of healing. While it may feel as if you are alone, and there is no one going through what you are going through, others in similar circumstances have found healing! Women who attend supportive and informative groups have found hope and healing. Many marriages have not only survived, but gone on to thrive like never before.

Not a Quick Fix
But healing is not a short process. Men who are sex addicts do not change overnight or even over several months. It takes a long-term commitment for men to gain true victory and marriages to experience true healing. We have heard and seen many success stories, but generally only from those who commit themselves to recovery over the long haul.

Support Groups
It is very important that women who have suffered from the sexual addiction of their partner receive care and healing from a support group of other women. Unfortunately, many women choose not to join a support group, such as Hidden Hurt, out of shame or anger. Even if their partners do not seek help, a good Support Group offers so much healing that every woman in this situation should consider giving a group a try.

Counseling or Therapy
Often one-on-one counseling is very valuable in working through issues brought on by a difficult childhood or past abuse. A support group can provide basic information and accountability, but may not be able to help with some deeper or more complex issues. Pure Life Alliance has a list of qualified Christian Counselors on this website. It is important that you find a therapist who is knowledgeable in dealing with families affected by sexual addiction.

Hope, Help & Healing

Hidden Hurt

How Hidden Hurt Helps

“Healing is facilitated where there is real understanding...The women in this group listen and love you through the pain...this group has freed me from fear.”

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