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Hidden Hurt

Hidden HurtA ministry of support for wives - or ex-wives, or fiancés, or girlfriends - of men struggling with sexual purity in Portland, Oregon.

Women are hurt, confused and shamed into secrecy, assuming that they are at fault. They feel inadequate as wives. Both fear the results of sharing this struggle with their church leadership and community and so live in daily shame, pain and isolation.

Hidden Hurt is a safe, confidential place for wives, ex-wives and fiancées of men struggling with sexual purity to receive hope, help and healing. Information, encouragement, accountability and on-going support is provided through weekly small groups.

Come learn:

  • Why men struggle with purity
  • How we can support them as they work on their issues
  • How to cope if they choose not to recognize that their behavior is a problem and work on their issues

Most importantly, come learn how to seek God and rely upon Him in the midst of this difficult journey (because we can't “fix” our men).
Women new to our ministry begin with our 11-week Welcome Group. This informational class creates a foundation for healing. You will come to:

  • Understand the male addiction process and your role in his recovery
  • See the importance of a safe, confidential small group, and that you are not alone in your struggle
  • Discover what to expect during the healing process, for you and him
  • Identify co-dependent behavior and learn to set healthy boundaries
  • Experience care and support as you journey through anger, grief, hopelessness, anxiety and other painful feelings on this unplanned journey

We are not counselors; we are not therapists. We are wives standing beside men, grappling with the journey toward healthy sexuality, who want to see other women do the same.

If you are in the Portland metro area and would like more information, click the button below:

Participant Quote

“This class helped me to understand my husband and myself better. It has made me a stronger woman.”

What is Hidden Hurt?

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Professional's Quote

"The number one factor in determining how well a man recovers from sexual addiction is the level of his wife's involvement in the journey together with him."

- Sandy Wilson
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