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Multiple Computers

OpenDNS.com If your home, church or business has multiple computers that access the Internet, this is a different approach to Internet Safety that may work well for you. All computers on your home or business access the Internet through a single router or, in the case of a business, sometimes through a server. OpenDNS shows you how to program that router or computer to access the Internet only through their servers. Then, OpenDNS allows you to set the filtering level you want to apply to all computers in your home, church or business.

OpenDNS basic service is free.

You can restrict sites that show pornography, social networking sites, or any other category of sites you wish. You can add specific sites to "blacklist" or even set your entire network on a "whitelist", restricting Internet access to those safe sites that you want to access.

The cool thing is users cannot get around the restrictions you have set from their own computer, since the Internet filtering takes place offsite. Very knowledgeable computer users can get around Internet filtering software packages, but not this. You just need to secure the password to your router.

From a business point of view, this not only helps keep people from accessing pornography at work, it also helps keep people on task by restricting sites not related to work.

PhishTank.com OpenDNS also comes with PhishTank, which protects computers from phishing (fraudulent attempts to steal your personal information via email).

Every month PhishTank produces the most accurate and timely statistics about phishing on the Internet and what email scams to be careful of.
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