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For Men Only

A ministry for men who are struggling with sexual purity.

For Men Only In 2006 surveys* revealed that half of all men involved in church struggle with sexual purity issues. Today the percentages are likely far higher. Yet men fear the results of sharing this struggle with their church leadership and community and so live in daily shame, pain and isolation. All the while, men let their growing isolation destroy their marriage and family. This is just too big of a problem to ignore any longer.

FMO is making a difference. More than a share group or support group, FMO groups are interactive communities facilitated by trained group coordinators. You won't learn to "try harder" but to live differently.

Hundreds of men have experienced freedom from bondage through Jesus' healing power.

What is FMO like?

  • A safe, confidential environment where we allow God's grace, not guilt and shame, to motivate growth and healing
  • New comers are assigned a mentor and taken through the basics of the recovery journey
  • Weekly homework based on one of the many books in our Approved Books list is facilitated by a trained group coordinator
  • Weekly accountability, customized for each man, where men are questioned by the group and truly held accountable for their choices
  • Members commit to support each other during the week as needed
Interested in joining a group like this?

*ChristiaNet, Inc. "ChristiaNet Poll Finds that Evangelicals are Addicted to Porn." Marketwire, 7 Aug. 2006. Web. 7 Dec. 2009.

FMO Quotes

"Even if you are shamed by your addictive behavior, you will find men open and supportive in FMO groups. When I first went to a FMO group years ago, I was afraid that no one else would be able to relate to me, or worse that I would be shunned. Instead, I heard story after story that sounded very similar to mine. That opened to door for me to become vulnerable and willing to learn. Behaviors that I thought I could never stop don't even bother me anymore. It has been an amazing transformation."

"There were weeks I just really didn't want to go, but I hung in there. Sometimes it seemed like nothing changed for weeks or months. But in time I really did see changes and my falls were smaller and smaller. My advice is to just keep going and don't give up. FMO saved my marriage for sure. That is worth all of it."

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