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DVDs You Can Use in Your Group!

Every Young Man's BattleEvery Young Man's Battle
by Steve Arterburn & Fred Stoeker

This video is for young, single men and teens alike, sharing strategies to combat being surrounded by a sex-saturated world.

One of the BoysOne of the Boys
by Sy Rogers

Sy Rogers' personal story in a two-hour DVD, complete with full-length personal interview. Sy shares his own journey of sexual and emotional abuse and brokenness, the resulting confusion it created, and the dramatic intervention that changed the course of his life.

DVDs Lessons Learned: Volume One
by Sy Rogers
4-DVD set
  • Realistic Expectations
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Renewing the Mind
  • The Power of Relationsips
  • What Works
  • Relapse Prevention
DVDs Lessons Learned: Volume Two
by Sy Rogers
4-DVD set
  • Five Categories of Sexual and Relational Problems
  • Sexuality and Contemporary Culture
  • Nine Factors in the Development of Sexual Problems
  • Nine Principles of Redeeming Sexuality
  • Five Characteristics of Those Who Overcome
  • Three Complaints Christian Workers Need to Know

Now that I know, What Should I DoNow That I Know, What Should I Do?
by Doug Weiss

Clear lessons and advice for women who have recently discovered their husband's unfaithfulness through pornography or affairs.

DVDs Restoring Intimacy to Broken Relationships
By Drs. Earl & Sandy Wilson

Taking first steps to restoring intimacy in couples where sexual betrayal has occurred. NOTE: This is an audio CD, not a DVD.

DVDs Freedom Begins Here: Personal Toolkit
by Dr. Gary Smalley, Ted Cuningham & Dr. Mark Laaser
A seven-week, DVD-led overview of recovery focused around personal journaling. Note: each group member will need a Devotional Journal that can be purchased for $10 at the PLA office.

DVDs The Social Costs of Pornography: Research Summaries
by the Witherspoon Institute
  1. On the Abuse of Sex by Roger Scruton: a 10-minute summary of what research shows pornography use and masturbation does to a man's ability to have meaningful sex.
  2. From Pornography to Porn by Pamela Paul: a 10-minute summary of research into men who use pornography and what pornography is doing to them.

DVDs The Social Costs of Pornography: Research Summaries
by the Witherspoon Institute
  • The Effects of Pornography on Women by Jill Manning: a 20-minute summary of research into how the pornography use of men affects the women they are in relationship with.

DVDs Somebody's Daughter: A Journey to Freedom from Pornography
by Music for the Soul

Music Videos of songs written about pornography addiction interspersed with testimonies and Scripture related to addiction and recovery.
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