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Book Review-Undefiled

UndefiledThis has been a great book on not just sexual addiction but also what it looks like for health.  There is a little bit of the holy "just believe more in God and it will be better."  While that is true it is also defeating for a someone and makes them feel like if they are struggling then they just need to believe more.

—Nathan (support group facilitator)

This book dealt with the spiritual aspect of recovery; how we need to be better men of God and why. It didn't really speak to me personally. Spiritually there were some good points, but for the most part i didn't fell that I grew a ton from reading it. Schaumburg had good things to say at times, but he often repeated himself and every once in a while would contradict himself as well. He would make blanket statements throughout the book that I didn't appreciate. The ONE thing i did like were the brief questions at the end of each chapter. Most of those we're thought provoking. Explanation of why outweighed the behavior change aspect of the book, which I'd like a rough equal amount of both. Overall, I would not use this book again in a group setting nor would I recommend it.

—Tim (support group facilitator)

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