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Book Review-The Game Plan

The Game Plan The Game Plan by Joe Dallas has been an excellent resource for our group.  It is written in an extremely engaging style and extremely practical.  There were two main hesitations in using it, both of which became non-issues:  1) the 30-day plan in which it is arranged implied that addiction can be overcome in 30 days and 2) the fact that Joe Dallas writes primarily on Same Sex Attraction issues.  We resolved the first by taking one day of the 30 and do it for one week.  One week there is content to read.  But the next chapter/day after that is filled with action steps, thought questions and discussion questions.  While Dallas mentions his issues with SSA, it is not a major theme in the book, hardly ever used in the examples and is truly written for men who struggle with all types of sexual addictions.  We are finding it very helpful.  

—CH (support group leader)

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