Book Review-Taking Every Thought Captive

Taking Every Thought CaptiveTaking Every Thought Captive is the latest book in Mark R Laaser's Men of Valor series. The Book begins by drawing the reader into the pages of the Bible and that Paul point out that heart and mind could be good or evil. The early chapters taught common skill like bouncing the eyes, avoiding triggers, learning to make phone calls. These skills seem somewhat basic; however not everyone had tried them before; we each paired up and had call buddy's, this was very awkward for me and some of the older people in the group. There is sections on journaling which was excellent, and meditation, we even brought in some other mediation CD's and used them to enhance the experience.  Each chapter built upon itself and became more powerful; until the chapter on actually taking the fantasies captive. I personally was able to put away a fantasy that had been bothering me for years; fantasies have to do with legitimate longings of your soul for love, nurturing, kindness, understanding...The challenge is that based on your memory, your soul may not always know how to get those needs met in a healthy way. The book was a excellent study; someone refers to the book every week at check, almost a year later. The book is so well designed to be used in a setting like FMO that is was a great fit; the time it took us to go through the book was several months.

—David (support group facilitator)

This is a another book we read through in our Pure Life Group by Mark Laaser who is a wealth of knowledge in the area of sexual issues. This not a big book but it is loaded with nuts and bolts practical application and strategy in taking your thoughts captive. The reveiws from the group were good. I recommend this book as this is one of the most difficult yet crucial and foundational areas in our spiritual battle for purity.

—Mike (support group coordinator)

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