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Book Review-Safe People

It teaches how to see things in others but more importantly it teaches the reader of how they are treating others. The line that has stuck with me the most since reading this book is, "in order to attract safe people you need to be a safe person yourself." This is very true and women sometimes need help in recognizing the areas in our lives that can cause other to see us as unsafe people. It personally made me stop and think about things before I say them, or at least try to do that more, because what comes out of my mouth can affect the other person in a powerful way.

This book was very easy to read. There are Scripture references all over in it and the authors are Christians who give it a Christian world view but I have recommended it to non-Christians as well.

I highly recommend this book to be on our list. It will be a good book to read after reading a core topic book and it will not only help the women in their marriages, male relationships it will help them in their daily encounters with others as well.

—Cindy (support group facilitator)

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