Review-Out of the Shadows

Out of the ShadowsOur group did not like this book. Not a good book for healing.

—Mike (support group coordinator)

A classic within the sexual addiction world. It would be (for the most part) a good group study. Excellent expansion of the addiction cycle that we use in PLA. Excellent material on the four core areas of false beliefs in the addict's life. Excellent discussion of co-addiction. While his four levels of sexual addiction is very important material and is the basis for the work of others, my only warning is that the examples in ch. 2 (The Levels of Addiction) could be triggering for some men early in their journey. Some examples could be considered explicit. Even though I am not new on my journey, I still skimmed some of that material, noting the headings and intro material, but did not want to put some of the images he described in my head. Still an excellent resource both individually or for a group composed of men who perhaps have been on their journey for a while. He is a strong proponent of 12-step programs and explains why.  

--Cal (professional coach)

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