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Review-False Intimacy

False IntimacyThis is an excellent book for understanding what true intimacy is by learning what false intimacy is all about. I recommend it highly for men just beginning to understand what their addiction is all about.


Schaumburg addresses the core issues every sexual addict must. At times his presentation is a bit parochial and is always on the conservative side. That being said, all who are struggling with purity will find valuable input for their journey. Read it!  

— Blake (support group facilitator)

I found False Intimacy helpful overall. It digs into one of the underlying issue behind sexual sin: intimacy that is not true intimacy...either with a spouse OR with the person(s) in porn. Recommended. 

—support group facilitator

False Intimacy is a helpful book in getting behind the surface level of sexual sin. It helps look at how actions affect the family and community surrounding the person caught in sin. It even lays out how to deal with restoration corporately within the church. 

—support group member

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