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Book Review-Crazy Good Sex

Crazy Good SexCrazy Good Sex

by Dr. Les Parrott

I recommend the book for an advanced FMO group, where the guys have been in recovery for at least 2-3 years. Parrott uses biblical references and applications throughout the book, interspersed with lots of humor and misconceptions about our human sexuality. He does treat painful topics somewhat lightly, so that's why I wouldn't recommend it for a new member. The myths addressed in the book are:
  1. Men Want More Sex Than Women Do.
  2. Sex with the Same Person Gets Boring.
  3. Porn is not Addictive.
  4. Size Matters.
  5. The Bible is Very Clear on Masturbation.
  6. My Sex Drive is Too Powerful to Control.
— Vince (support group facilitator)

As a recovering sex addict, learning to build a healthy sexual relationship with my wife, this book gave the tools needed.  It used a good balance of scripture, statistics, and the authors (who is a counselor) experience.  It went through 6 common myths men commonly believe about sex, and helped us to have a proper view of sex.  This is a good book for an advanced group where men are rebuilding there sexual relationship with there wives.  The book is probably not the best for someone just entering a group. 

—Robert (support group facilitator)

I would recommend this book for group use. My group used it and everyone found the book useful. We do have a couple single guys and yes they did benefit them as well, as it was focused on the myths that have shaped our sexual beliefs. This book helps all who have distorted their thinking due to one or more of these myths.

—David (support group facilitator)

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