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Book Review - Bo's Cafe

Bo's Cafe

The main reason our group liked this book is it is a novel, which is a refreshingly different kind of book for our group to use. The main character does not struggle with sexual addiction, but does have many issues common to those who do. The book takes a long look at how hard it is for the main character to see how flawed his methods of relating to others are. He tries to control how others view him rather than be open and honest and is terrified of giving up control of his life to God. I was a little worried that a novel wouldn’t work well for group study, but the men in our group related quite closely to the main character in the story and had no trouble finding things to discuss each week. The only criticism we had was there are places when the dialogue is a little too drawn out and perhaps overdone, but the uniqueness of the book outweighed those shortcomings.

—John (small group leader)

Bo's Cafe started out in a way that I couldn't relate to. I didn't see myself in a person with raging anger. But his journey of reversing course in his life and sharing his failures with people accepting of him and walking with him into a new way reminds me of FMO.

—FMO member

Bo's Cafe provides a vivid, although somewhat idealized, picture of what it means to live in the grace of God and to quit living in the lies we create and maintain about ourselves. It was very effective in drawing our group into conversations at a deeper level than we had before.

—FMO member

I found the book valuable in the picture it presented of authentic relationships and how necessary they are for healing and wholeness.

—FMO member

So Bo's Cafe has opened my eyes to better seeing my controlling issues and how that effects people around me and how harmful that is. To be in relationship with my friends and family is healthy and all will not be perfect, but to continue on, pressing into relationships (wife, kids and trusted friends to be known).

—FMO member

Bo's Cafe defines a potential of community that I deeply long for. While it is hampered by the limits a fictional style can offer, it stirs in me a longing for deeper closeness in all my relationships—especially with my wife.

—Blake (small group leader)

Bo's Cafe was helpful in making me realize how I've written my own story about myself and come to believe that, which is a lie, over what God's story says I am. I have chosen to believe my story over His and lived life through its influence rather than God's. As simple as it sounds, but harder to appropriate, I need to see myself and believe how God really views me. 

—FMO member

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