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Book Review - When a Man You Love Was Abused

A Man You Loved Was Abusedby Cecil Murphey

Married to a sexual addict who was abused as a child, this book caught my eye. It specifically helped with understanding aspects of “how he got this way” and is very much in line with other things we learn in the Hidden Hurt groups. The book is strongly faith based, in fact the author was a pastor for many years. He draws heavily on Scripture and refers to God, prayer and faith. In addition to providing a lot of understanding for me, it also provided practical help with how to be a support in my husband’s healing process

This book proved to be one of the most helpful in understanding what my husband has gone through, why he has behaved in some of the ways he has and practical suggestions for going forward in his healing process. Many times it felt like 'light bulbs' going off in my head as the book resonated with what I have learned and witnessed in my husband. It helped me understand better 'who he is' due to the abuse. And it helped me see he is not alone in how he feels as many of the other men described in the book sounded just like him. I wish I had read this book several years ago.

— Hidden Hurt Group Leader

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