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PLA group leaders and members, fill out the form below to submit a book review. Please use the instructions on this page to guide your comments. Reviews will be added within one week of your submission.

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Review Instructions

Please write a short review (no more than 4-6 sentences total). Use the following questions to help you determine what to say about this book. Do not try to answer all of them, select the questions that best help you describe why you did or didn’t like the book.

  • What issues related to sexual addiction recovery does this book address the best?
  • In what ways does this book speak to you personally?
  • How did (or did not) the book promote useful dialogue in your group setting?
  • How precise and relevant were the examples in this book?
  • Talk about the style this book was written in (narrative, informational, scientific, spiritual) and how well did that style work for your group?
  • Why would or wouldn’t you use this book again in a support group?
  • Was the book about the right length for group use or too long or too short (explain)?
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