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A Wife's Message to You

The healing process began in January ’09 for our family and we are proof that recovery is not a quick-fix, but rather is a life-long process. I believe the recovery process takes longer than most people expect because partners not only need to work on the marriage unit, but also on their individual selves.

With regards to myself during these past 2+ years, I have discovered that some hurts need to be grieved over and forgiven multiple times; that emotions can be triggered unpredictably; that old, unhealthy patterns of codependency are very hard to break; and that sometimes I just need to have a "sad" day. I continue to uncover my own layers of brokenness and hopefully learn ways to work on myself and hopefully bring a healthier me to the marriage.

But probably the most valuable gift I have received from recovery is the new closeness I have in my walk with the Lord and how I am more ready to rely on His promises and His faithfulness to get me through the day – especially those aforementioned "sad" days. I recognize that it was God’s healing Spirit that worked through those HH leaders who held my hand those first crazy months after disclosure when I could not think straight. It is God who continually provides the Hidden Hurt relationships (both from welcome group and on-going group) that make up a huge part of my support network.

I want to express my deep appreciation for HH, FMO, PLA, and all those who so generously and selflessly devote time and donate money to this ministry. I pray that God blesses them and that He continues to bless all efforts to restore families.

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