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What do you mean by Intra-Church?

While each leader in PLA does ministry directed by PLA, their primary desire and focus is centered on their local church. It's here their hearts are most connected, it's here their community is, and it's here they feel at home. PLA becomes just a means to affect change in the lives of the people they care most about…the people of their church.

Intra-church rather than Para-church

We’ve coined a new phrase to accurately explain how we believe God has grown Pure Life Alliance (PLA). "Para" (para) from the Greek means “alongside of, beside.” That’s why it has been used for so many ministries who were working toward the same goal – spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ – but doing it beside the church; heading in the same direction, yes…but not an inclusive part of the local church.

God is growing PLA in a unique way, a way we have not seen in the Western church. Our ministry has been developed exclusively by those who are involved in their local churches. Once a man or woman reaches a certain place of maturity in their walk of purity, they tend to shift from a self-focus to an others-focus (Phil 2:3,4).

We observed this first in the For Men Only (FMO) ministry. Men who experienced life and heart change through FMO believed it was needed in other men’s lives as well--lives that were in their immediate community (e.g. their home church). We’ve seen it time and time again; it’s a natural progression of this ministry. Purity often results in the desire for others to be free, too.

New Leader: "How come we don't have something like this in our church? Our people need it! I'd like to do something about it."

Local Pastor: "What did you have in mind?"

Some version of this discussion has happened at more than a dozen churches in recent years. As a result we have formed a network of churches committed to working arm-in-arm toward a growing purity.

These new leaders also acknowledge they are a part of the Body of Christ. These are the parts of the Body supplying that which every joint can supply. This is the Body hurting when one part is hurting, this is the closeness and community of the universal Body of Christ. This ministry is not alongside of or beside the local church...this is the Body of Christ working together for a greater purity. Paul talks in Ephesians 5 about Christ presenting to Himself the Church, a radiant and spotless bride. We believe PLA is an important part of God working out this passage in the life of the Body through our intra-church network of purity.

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